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What Workplace Tips Must be Adopted To Prevent Injuries!

Apart from other medical reasons, there are workplace injuries due to which people are sometimes forced to quit work for a day or two. This eventually affects a company’s performance greatly as when the most crucial employees are not available at the time of some essential meetings or project executions then the pace of the routinely tasks are affected.

In order to prevent work injuries, it is advised that the management of the company must follow certain plans, measures and also safety awareness programs that will be a huge help for the employees.

Preventing Workplace Injuries

To build a safe working environment, the below mentioned tips must be followed:

Inspecting and maintaining all company vehicles

It has been observed and noted that the cases involving workplace-driving accidents are much greater in number. So, care must be taken and measure must be followed such as the monthly inspection of the vehicles that will help in identifying errors if any and lead to the quick repairing process.

A Safety Plan

In order to materialize a safe working environment effective accident prevention and awareness program must be implemented. This will be a great step towards the prevention of work injuries as it will guarantee the protection of their employees from any hazardous practices.

Protection Equipment

The management must make sure that the employees must be given proper protection equipment such as goggles, gloves, hard hats, ear plugs or ear muffs, safety shoes etc. Moreover, these must be enforced at the hiring time.

No Shortcuts

Employees must be advised to not take shortcuts for completing a job as this can lead to mishaps or severe work injuries. Make sure that they follow proper instructions that will lead them to ultimate protection.

An Orderly Workplace

The layout of the entire workspace must be fully protective for the employees. The areas must be free of debris, spills or unwanted stuff thus leading to the protection of serious health and safety hazards.

Awareness for the Employees

About the safety measures or ensuring a standard of safety for the employment staff, the employees must be fully trained and encouraged to report in case of any hazardous practices or in case of some unwanted stuff lying in the walkways.

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Top 4 Tips That Can Help Avoid Work Place Injuries!!

When talking about workplace injuries, the areas that come to mind include manufacturing plants, construction sites, forestry, ice road trucking, at the office, while at a site executing a project, etc. In accordance with a latest report from the U.S. Department of Labor, it is recorded that about 3 million Americans were the victims of on the job injuries. Moreover, in regard to service providing industries, the cases that were observed were 75.5%.

Most Common Workplace Injuries Include:

Falling Object Injuries

These are the injuries that occur when something heavy, an object falls off.

Falling From Height Injuries

Sometimes the equipment is faulty or sometimes the floor is slippery due to which due to which when an employee he/she gets severely hurt.

On the Job Injuries

There can be many workplace injuries, like some are even caused by the disagreements that turn out to be very dangerous arising the fury and anger among the others.

Slipping/Trippling Injuries

As a result of slippery floors or something kept on the walking path, such as debris, cartons etc can cause the employees to stumble.

Overexertion Injuries

When you overly exert on something such as while lifting, pulling, carrying or throwing you pull your muscles and feel acute pain.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Such type of injuries are most common at work, while typing or doing those works that become the reason of constant strain on certain body parts.

Vehicle Accidents

While performing job duties, when people get struck in an accident, they get severely injured.

Ways of preventing Workplace Injuries Include

Hiring & Training The Right People

While recruiting for your organization or your company, you must make sure that you recruit those employees that are responsible, respectful and take care of all the business processes such that no one gets injured in any unpredictable injury.

Maintain a clean work environment

When enough space for employees is reserved, then there are less chances of any walk away falls or hazardous accidents.

Create a culture of being safe

This is for the managers to take care of the fact that when the employees are sick, they should stay at home so to prevent them from any workplace mishaps that can cause severe injuries.

Clear & safety Procedures

Safety procedures should be implemented considering the employees’ health as the most important thing. Moreover, if possible and in case of any workplace injury, access should be given to the employees for appropriate safety tools and first aid.

Got stuck in a workplace accident? You are most welcome to book an appointment at  (815) 464-7212 and approach the finest treatment at Pain Management Institute.

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5 Most Common Workplace Injuries

Injuries are part and parcel of any construction site, textile factory, automobile factory and office. All these injuries do not only damage the life of a worker, but they also damage the life of worker’s family and businesses over all. Workers should know about those common injuries and their treatment ways. Below are the details of all 5 injuries. take a look carefully, in order to avoid them while performing your duties.

Musculoskeletal Injuries

This injury occurs a lot at workplaces and there are many victims of this injury. Being worker you should know about all the causes of this injury and how to avoid them. Below are five causes of this injury, so take a look and guide your fellow workers about it

  • Fatigue
  • Sustaining painful posture
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Unhealthy stretching
  • Overexertion

These are the five main causes of musculoskeletal injuries, so if you avoid them then it will be a surety that you will not come across musculoskeletal injury at workplace.

Preventing Steps to avoid musculoskeletal injury

  • Do not keep one posture for a longer period
  • Get proper training to perform your duty
  • Keep focusing on having fit body and having flexibility

Treatment options

  • Get proper pain management treatment for your spinal misalignment
  • Exercises of strengthening and conditioning, along with stretching exercises

Injuries caused by Slip, fall and Trip

If you really learn the causes behind the injuries of fall and slip, it will reduce your chances to get this injury at workplace. So take a look at“the causes” of this injury carefully to avoid them at workplace.

  • Unnecessary objects on the floor
  • Floors, which have got wet and slippery
  • Not properly Fixed carpeting
  • Bad lighting

Preventing steps

  • Always remain alert and attentive
  • Focus on keeping workplaces clean
  • Make sure you use signage to point out slippery conditions

Treatment option

Rehabilitation exercises and proper pain management are the options you can avail to treat your injury properly, and it will insure your return to daily activities.

Repetitive injuries and its causes

This injury occurs mostly at busy workplaces, and it is caused by fixed- position activity such as keyboard using. In order to avoid this injury, you have to focus on the preventing measures for this injury.

Preventing steps

  • Learn how to decrease frequency of activity
  • Get proper breaks between work
  • Availability of ergonomic equipment

Treatment option

Try icing and get rest to have short term relief and contact your pain management specialist to treat your injury properly.

Injuries caused by Machinery and Equipment

This specific injury is caused by hazardous equipment, machinery and unnecessary objects on the floors. In order to avoid this injury, priority should be given to preventing measures as it reduces the chances of getting this injury.

Preventing Steps

Preventing steps to avoid this injury are:

  • You should know the safety precautions of your workplace first
  • Focus on keeping work environment good at workplace
  • Wearing protective equipment is must to avoid this injury
  • Keep store materials in a secure manner

Treatment option

Treatment for this sort of injury varies on the seriousness of the injury, but it is suggested that being a worker you should focus on preventing steps, as it is the only best solution for avoiding this sort of injury.

Work-related Vehicle Accidents

Worker-related vehicle accident is an almost common issue of each industry, and involves drivers who transport freight or people, employees who drive their own cars or company vehicles. Pedestrian workers who get injured on the road also come under this particular category of accident.

Preventing steps

Get proper training of driving company’s vehicles and learn the safety measures before you come on the road. Your company must introduce safe driving policies.

Treatment options

For the best treatment for this injury, you must consult your pain management specialist, as he/she will treat your injury without any invasive treatment.

Proper pain management is the right solution for all kinds of workplace injuries.

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4 Most Common Workplace Injuries

Injured at Workplace?

Workplace injury should not be taken as normal injury, because if it is left untreated it can turn into a serious problem. Work injury can happen anywhere from setting at a standard office to an industrial site. The musculoskeletal injuries are most common at workplace and this particular injury’s ratio is increasing day by day specifically in Chicago and throughout the country. It mostly happens because of extra exertion, standing for a long time or lifting heavy objects at workplace.

Many medical researchers have observed that there are many other injuries which a worker can have while performing his/her duties, such as slip or fall injury, repetitive stress and injuries by equipment or machineries at workplace. Below are the details of these specific injuries and if you are suffering from severe pain caused by your work injury, then do not wait and contact Pain Management Institute and we will guarantee you that you will get back to your normal life as soon as possible.

1.     Musculoskeletal injuries

In a survey it has been noticed that 37 percent of workers have had musculoskeletal injuries and experienced severe pain in their neck, arms, legs, shoulders, and back by musculoskeletal injury. This survey depicts the severity of musculoskeletal injury; it means that you have to acquire the right treatment from the right doctor. Pain management institute has been treating musculoskeletal injuries for many years, so get our services if you are suffering from it.

2.     Slip or fall injuries

Many researches have manifested that 31 percent of workers have suffered from a fall injury at workplace. This injury sometimes cause a death if any worker falls down from an extreme height, it is the duty of supervisor to provide a worker clean and object free place from where there is a no chance to fall down at workplace. That approach may decrease the ratio of fall injuries at workplace.

3.     Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is also known as repetitive motion injuries, and it is caused by sitting for a longer period of time or keeping a same posture for hours while performing your duty. This injury exists among the injuries, which are treated by workmen’s comp and pain management institute is capable of doing that with insuring you quality treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

4.     Injuries caused by Equipments

Equipment injury is known as the most dangerous injury, it may cause you unbearable pain. Workers have to have the proper training to operate the equipment as it may sometimes cause disability, which no worker wishes to have. Our doctors are highly expert at eliminating your pain and injury caused by equipment or machines.

If you have suffered a work injury, please contact us today, we can help relieve your pain. Make an appointment at (815) 464-7212.

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