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5 Most Common Workplace Injuries

Injuries are part and parcel of any construction site, textile factory, automobile factory and office. All these injuries do not only damage the life of a worker, but they also damage the life of worker’s family and businesses over all. Workers should know about those common injuries and their treatment ways. Below are the details of all 5 injuries. take a look carefully, in order to avoid them while performing your duties.

Musculoskeletal Injuries

This injury occurs a lot at workplaces and there are many victims of this injury. Being worker you should know about all the causes of this injury and how to avoid them. Below are five causes of this injury, so take a look and guide your fellow workers about it

  • Fatigue
  • Sustaining painful posture
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Unhealthy stretching
  • Overexertion

These are the five main causes of musculoskeletal injuries, so if you avoid them then it will be a surety that you will not come across musculoskeletal injury at workplace.

Preventing Steps to avoid musculoskeletal injury

  • Do not keep one posture for a longer period
  • Get proper training to perform your duty
  • Keep focusing on having fit body and having flexibility

Treatment options

  • Get proper pain management treatment for your spinal misalignment
  • Exercises of strengthening and conditioning, along with stretching exercises

Injuries caused by Slip, fall and Trip

If you really learn the causes behind the injuries of fall and slip, it will reduce your chances to get this injury at workplace. So take a look at“the causes” of this injury carefully to avoid them at workplace.

  • Unnecessary objects on the floor
  • Floors, which have got wet and slippery
  • Not properly Fixed carpeting
  • Bad lighting

Preventing steps

  • Always remain alert and attentive
  • Focus on keeping workplaces clean
  • Make sure you use signage to point out slippery conditions

Treatment option

Rehabilitation exercises and proper pain management are the options you can avail to treat your injury properly, and it will insure your return to daily activities.

Repetitive injuries and its causes

This injury occurs mostly at busy workplaces, and it is caused by fixed- position activity such as keyboard using. In order to avoid this injury, you have to focus on the preventing measures for this injury.

Preventing steps

  • Learn how to decrease frequency of activity
  • Get proper breaks between work
  • Availability of ergonomic equipment

Treatment option

Try icing and get rest to have short term relief and contact your pain management specialist to treat your injury properly.

Injuries caused by Machinery and Equipment

This specific injury is caused by hazardous equipment, machinery and unnecessary objects on the floors. In order to avoid this injury, priority should be given to preventing measures as it reduces the chances of getting this injury.

Preventing Steps

Preventing steps to avoid this injury are:

  • You should know the safety precautions of your workplace first
  • Focus on keeping work environment good at workplace
  • Wearing protective equipment is must to avoid this injury
  • Keep store materials in a secure manner

Treatment option

Treatment for this sort of injury varies on the seriousness of the injury, but it is suggested that being a worker you should focus on preventing steps, as it is the only best solution for avoiding this sort of injury.

Work-related Vehicle Accidents

Worker-related vehicle accident is an almost common issue of each industry, and involves drivers who transport freight or people, employees who drive their own cars or company vehicles. Pedestrian workers who get injured on the road also come under this particular category of accident.

Preventing steps

Get proper training of driving company’s vehicles and learn the safety measures before you come on the road. Your company must introduce safe driving policies.

Treatment options

For the best treatment for this injury, you must consult your pain management specialist, as he/she will treat your injury without any invasive treatment.

Proper pain management is the right solution for all kinds of workplace injuries.