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Radiofrequency Lesioning


Radiofrequency lesioning can help patients with chronic neck and back pain that do not get relief from medication, physical therapy and spinal injections. It is a procedure, in which your doctor uses special needles to produce lesions along with selected nerves. The needle heats the nerve up to 80 (about the temperature of hot, not boiling water). The function of this heat is to stop the nerve to produce pain signals. Radiofrequency lesioning can be effective for the patients of neck and back pain, the successes ratio of Radiofrequency is much good in eliminating the pain.

The process is carried out as

  • The procedure is similar to spinal injection’s treatment.
  • Your doctor gets the help of fluoroscope (X-ray guidance machine) to find out the injured area which has to be treated, and the area is cleaned and your skin is numbed.
  • There is specific radiofrequency needle, which is entered right next to the pain fibers in your spine by the guidance of X-ray.
  • The Microelectrode is taken inside by the needle to let the stimulation process start. The main reason behind the stimulation process is to confirm whether electrode is in the targeted area for the treatment or not.
  • Once it is confirmed that electrode and needle have been placed correctly, and then treatment will begin.
  • The minimal radiofrequency current will go through the electrode and into the surrounding tissue, helping the tissue to heat and remove the pain.

Am I a Candidate?

If you suffer from specific sorts of low back or neck pain, and pain mainly from facet joints, then all these conditions make you the right candidate for Radiofrequency lisioning. You have to respond well to diagnostic local anesthetic blocks to be the right candidate for Radiofrequency lesioning.

How long will this procedure take?

The typical procedure does not take more than 60 minutes.

How long will it take to recover?

As you get recovered from the sedation, you have to get someone’s help to take you to home. There will be irritation in muscles that may continue till a week. Icing will help in eliminating the pain. Many patients get pain relief during in a week by this treatment or it can take 3 to 4 weeks to show its positive effects.

Its outcome

By the Radiofrequency treatment, you will experience good change in your life and you will not feel any pain while performing your physical activities and you will be able to restart your work as soon as you start feeling better.