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5. pre surgical and anesthesia evaluation

Pain Treatment Options

Advanced technology coupled with a more precise understanding of the origins of chronic pain has paved the way for state-of-the-art procedural interventions designed to generate long-term pain relief for patients who otherwise might have nowhere to turn.

Pain Management Institute an Interventional pain management specialist Clinic offers its patients a diversity of outstandingly personalized treatments and services to help facilitate the patients in fighting with various chronic pain diseases. Here is a summary of our novel pain management procedures, who will be there candidates, the recovery period and the results that would directly reduce the intensity of pain.

The physicians of the Pain Management Institute Illinois are expertly trained to perform a myriad of advanced procedures once a precise diagnosis of the underlying cause of pain has been identified. Below is a summary of some of the more innovative procedures, how they work and the types of patients who may be candidates. Make sure you understand the benefits and risks associated with each procedure.