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What is the cost of the treatments?

Each treatment plan is individualized to meet each patients treatment goals. Therefore the cost of the therapy may vary between patients. In general our treatments are extremely effective and affordable. You can’t afford to not come and see us. We offer a pain control guarantee.

Why don’t standard/conventional treatments provide good or acceptable pain relief?

The most important distinction for a physician to make is whether or not a medical condition is painful due to inflammation, nerve damage, or a combination of the two. Most conventional treatments are directed toward treating conditions of inflammation only. Therefore, this approach does not work well for other painful conditions such as neuropathy (nerve damage) or certain inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus, which also effect nerves. In the later case NSAIDs (anti-inflammatories) such as Vioxx may work well for the arthritic component of the disease but not the neuropathic component. This means you may continue to have pain due to the diseased involvement of nerves despite using Vioxx.

What are standard/conventional treatments for pain?

  • Anti-inflammatory medications (ibuprofen, naprosyn, advil, vioxx, celebrex,etc.)
  • Epidural injections
  • Cortisone injections
  • Anti-depressant medication (amitriptyline, imipramine, desyrel, etc.)
  • Physical Therapy
  • Surgery

What can a pain specialist do for me that another doctor can not?

A pain specialist has the training, experience and know how to bring painful conditions under control that were otherwise uncontrolled by standard treatments. Physicians who do not specialize in the management of pain including orthopedic surgeons, rheumatologists, neurologists, and even chiropractors are inexperienced and lack training in managing recurrent/chronic pain. This means they are not the best at providing long-term pain relief or pain control. Ultimately when you receive treatment from a competent pain management physician there will be less doctor visits and less costs to you in the long run.

Why do typical diagnostic tests not detect the cause of the pain?

Diagnostic tests such as CAT scans and MRIs are designed to detect large abnormalities in the physical structure of your body. If the source of the problem is too small such as a chemical or an electrical malfunction, as in a nerve the typical diagnostic test will not be able to identify the cause of your pain. In order to accurately determine the nature of the problem, more sophisticated and specialized tests are required.

Questions that you should ask your doctor before commencing any type of treatment?

  • Does the doctor know the cause of your pain?
  • Does the doctor have experience in treating people with your condition?
  • Does the doctor get positive results when treating people with your condition?
  • Will the doctor let you speak with the other patients that he has treated?

4. How is doing a pre-employment screening helpful in eliminating cost.

Answer: New workers can sometime have pre-existing condition, habits, and limitation in functions. These limitations may to be detected early so you have the proper information to determine if the employee is fit for work. In addition, Americana Injury provide drug screening, complete blood testing, alcohol testing, EKG, Fit test, and Functional Capacity for pre-employment care.

3. I slipped and fell in the store. Is the store responsible for my fall?

Answer: The store is only responsible if they are liable. That may mean that the store should know or should have known of the cause of you accident. That may be left better argued by skilled attorney. In these cases your medical care can not be billed direct to the care but rather obtaining representation and pursuing care. Call us at 815.412.6166

for further detail.

2. I’ve recently slipped and fell at work and was sent to a company doctor. I’ve return back to light duty but continues to have lower back pain. Do I have to go back to the company doctor for my care.

Answer: NO. Under state law you have the right of choice for your doctor. It is crucial that you are satisfy with you choice of care. Your treating doctor has several responsibility including regulating return to work, referring to proper doctors, disputing insurance and designated doctors claim, assigning impairment rating, deliver proper care, etc. Call us @815-412-6166 to consult with our network and non-network doctors.

1. I’ve recently was involved in car accident and the insurance wants to settle my claim for $500.00. Should take the money and resolved the case while I still have pain and medical bills.

Answer: Most insurance company will likely offer you the money in advance because you have a credible case which may escalate. By taking the money, you may waive your rights to have an additional medical coverage and benefits. you may want to obtain adequate treatment before signing off on the agreement. The waiver is legal document to waive you rights to pursue any addition document. Best solution is to consult a physician for additional care and accurate diagnoses this may increase your benefit. If left untreated, an injury may lead to serious degenerative joint disease.