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Here Is How To Beat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome At Work

Making the basic foundation where the median nerves and tendons are housed, carpal tunnel syndrome is said to be a narrow passageway of the ligament and bones. You might be an office goer, a typist that involves the constant use of hands, or a civil engineer involved constantly in field work might become the victims of carpal tunnel syndrome.  It is said to occur when the median nerve is pressed or squeezed at the wrist. The importance of this nerve can be understood as; the sensations felt at the palm side of your thumb and your fingers are controlled by this nerve and also the impulses in the hand that are responsible for the movement of the fingers and thumb.

It would be completely wrong if you keep on tolerating the pain and do not quit the repetitive movements that involve your hands. Keeping in consideration the untimely pain, it’s time that you take matters in your own hands and follow the below elaborated steps that would help prevent the chronic pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Your setups should be revamped

You must know about your desk ergonomics that whether your keyboard, mouse and phone are at your forearm’s length or not. Moreover, your own height should be maintained with the chair you are sitting on and your forearms with your keyboard that will help prevent the pain linked to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Prop Up

Your forearms, wrists and hands should be in straight line, as this would prevent in the nerve from being squeezed. In such a case, you must use the long pads that should be kept to rest the heels of your hands. If the hands that are kept on mouse keep on bothering you and after dedicating only a little time to work you feel pain in your palms. If this is the situation use a mouse pad that will serve as a cushion and support to provide smooth movement of your wrists.

New Keys

Make sure that your fingers do not become so much stretched while typing. If you feel that your hands are becoming stressed because of the constant work then you must think that it is about time you opt for a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard that will bring the hands and wrists in a natural position.


For most, a regular mouse bothers the wrist and creates trouble while working. Hence to prevent the pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome try using a vertical mouse that will make your wrist feel comfortable.

Break from Work

While you are working make sure that you take regular breaks and in those stretch your arms, your wrists as this would surely help prevent the occurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you or any of your loved one is suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome or any other body pain, get a professional advice from Dr. Zaki Anwar by placing an appointment at (815) 464-7212). He is an expert anesthesiologist and certified Pain Management Specialist who has been practicing pain relief techniques for the past several years with effective results.

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All You Need To Know About Personal Injury Causes

Personal injury is a legal term used for any sort of injury to human body, mind and / or emotions, as opposed to any injury to a property. It is common to experience day to day minor injuries in industries that demand high level of physical efforts. However, any sort of injury whether it is minor or major, should not be ignored. And immediate treatment should be taken from an experienced surgeon. Following are some common types of personal injury causes:

  • Road traffic accidents: injuries suffered from car accidents are common and life-threatening. Common injuries include: neck injuries, spinal injuries, internal injuries, etc.
  • Workplace injuries: These injuries and illnesses are usually caused by lifting excessive weight (slipped discs), repetitive motion injuries (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome), and misuse of any equipment or tool (falling from an unstable ladder).
  • Accidents in the home: Sometimes mishandling of home-equipments, while cooking food, and falling from stairs, we get injured. E.g. cutting skin while peeling potatoes, fall of any hard and heavy item on feet causing inflammation of toe and swelling of the feet, etc.
  • Product Defect Accidents: Use of defective consumer products cause: medication injuries (misuse can lead to hospitalization), insufficient information (if an item doesn’t have a warning label or instructions about how-to-use and you misuse it, you could be injured), and injuries from an equipment (a lawnmower may back fire and cause burns).
  • Tripping accidents Or Slips and fall: These are the most common form of reasons behind a personal injury that can result anywhere, e.g. on workplace, at home, on a road, etc. The old aged people should always be cautioned of this sort of injury that could result in breakage of bones, damage to joints, etc. Furthermore, teens suffer the most from this cause while running, doing exercise, and especially playing sports. Common injuries from slips and falls include: head injuries (Traumatic brain injury), neck, back, and spine injuries, broken bones, and torn ligaments.
  • Bicycle Accidents: Such accidents borne by pedal cyclists usually result in head injuries (concussion), bone injuries (e.g. broken arms, ankles, legs, etc.), and lacerations and abrasions (e.g. soft tissue injury and severe bleeding).

A minor injury ignored and not treated in its initial stages usually turns into a severe health issue and chronic pain. In case you or any of your loved one has recently suffered from a personal injury, get professional advice from Dr Zaki Anwar for your specific condition by placing an appointment at 815-464-7212. He is an experienced Pain Management Expert who has been handling personal injury issues for the past several years. We will reach you within 24 hours.

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Five Ways To Relieve Your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

While many of us do not spare a moment to think about our carpal tunnel, because we haven’t experienced the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Around 10 million Americans cannot even turn a page without a sharp pain shooting through their wrist sometimes all the way up to their arm.

CTS is quite a common problem for the office working people. However, sitting on a computer constantly is not the only reason you may develop it. Zaki Anwar MD, the pain management specialist at Pain Management Institute lists the following factors that can cause CTS:

  • Heredity
  • Fluid Retention
  • Diabetes
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

Here are a few tips to help you keep your carpal tunnel pain at bay:

1.     Give a break to your wrists

Your hands need a little care as you work. So whenever you take a break to have some water or go to the washroom, bend both your hands upward from the wrist gently and hold this stretch for a few minutes. Then bend each hand downward and hold again for a few minutes. Flex and bend your fingers as well.

2.     Go easy when using force

You can work perfectly fine when you put swift strokes on your computer keyboard so don’t pound the keys. Neither would it make any difference if you hold the pen very tightly, it can work just fine if you go easy. Keeping your hands relaxed will help.

3.     Keep your posture in check

Don’t slump forward in your seat, it will put pressure on your hands and wrists. Keep your eyes level with the monitor and your feet on the floor flat. If your chair is tall, use footrest to keep your feet flat. Pick a chair that supports the curvature of your spine. Take a break every after every 40 minutes and walk for around 60 seconds in your office. Don’t sit cross legged for longer durations. Dr. Anwar suggests the best posture to keep your joints relaxed is to keep your hips, knees and ankles at 90 degrees.

4.     Don’t let your hands get cold

If you sit in a chilly atmosphere, your hands can get stiff and then sore. Give fingerless gloves a try. It may look odd at first, but your hands will stay pain free that way.

Try Yoga

Any exercise that builds your strength is good for joints. Yoga has been found successful in pain relief and keeping your hands flexible.

If your carpal tunnel syndrome worsens, reach out to Pain Management Institute where skilled medical staff can take immediate measures to relieve the symptoms

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