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Stay Away From These 5 Foods To Avoid Joint Pain

Balanced Diet of a person is very important for a balanced and healthy life. Most of the health problems that people are facing these days are most of the times due to unhealthy foods and habits. There are certain foods that people generally are addicted to, and thereby get frequent health problems. Today joint pain has become common. And one of the most common and often noticed reason by doctors is of consumption of following five foods, that can surely be avoided to avoid the pain:

  1. Processed and refined sugars:

    As per research conducted by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, refined sugar is negatively sensitive to inflammation and injury of joints. In case a patient is struggling with joint pain, consumption of the sugar causes increase in inflammation, joint pain, and sometimes severe conditions. Consequently, it must be immediately avoided at early symptoms of the pain.

  2. Modified or refined grains:

    It is obvious that these days people are easily infected by changes in environments, atmosphere, and weather. One of the apparent cause is that we have changed our diet from whole grain to refined grains. Refined grains are not only deficient with fibers, vitamins, and proteins, but also cause inflammation in joints.

  3. Certain oils:

    There are certain vegetable oils that cause joint inflammation when used excessively. Some of those include canola oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, and soy oil. The regular use of the mentioned oils disturb bodies vital ingredients including omega-6 and omega-3, and cause joint pain. However, it is advised as per the Journal of American College of Nutrition, use of olive oil in our diet fight against the pain.

  4. Feedlot animal’s meat:

    The meat of animals which are fed certain grains that cause inflammation, injected with hormones, and treated with anti-biotics, are aggressive at creating inflammation and boosting joint pain. Such meat is usually commercial raised and must be avoided asap.

  5. Artificial sweeteners:

    What tastes good doesn’t necessarily prove to be good for our health. It’s same with artificial sweeteners, which are excessively harmful for patients of joint pain. Excessive use of the sweeteners could cause diabetes and thereby the temporary joint pain turns into chronic problem.

Our health should be the prime concern of our life. Because of improper and imbalanced diet, many people are suffering from multiple health problems, out of which joint pain is common. It is highly suggested that we make certain changes in life and immediately avoid these 5 foods viz. refined sugar, refined grains, certain oils causing inflammation, commercially raised meat, and artificial sweeteners, to avoid and mitigate joint pain.