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Suffering From A Whiplash Injury? Get The Right Treatment For It

Do Not Overlook Whiplash

There are people, who think whiplash as minimal injury, but the fact is that whiplash is a very serious condition and it is also capable of making a way for many long-term pain conditions and confined mobility. If it is left untreated and ignored by a patient, then there are chances that it will damage other parts of the patient’s body. This specific injury is mostly caused by a car accident. It takes place as your head or neck forcefully jerks backward and forward. This sudden movement is the reason for ligament strain in the neck, and it causes pain and confined mobility of your head and neck. The more forcefully your head and neck heave during a car accident, the more the strain occurs on these ligaments, and that causes more damage. Whiplash may take place even by a minor car accident, as your neck and head are the most sensitive parts of your body and minor jerk may cause chronic neck pain.

The Symptoms Of Whiplash

  • Pain in neck
  • Neck stiffness
  • Injury of neck muscles or ligaments
  • Having painful Headache
  • Having a burning or prickling sensation
  • Shoulder and back pain

The Statistics About This Specific Injury

805,581 whiplash injuries get reported yearly and the cost of claims for this specific injury reaches to 8.8 billion each year. 66% of insurance bodily injury claims comes from neck injury. This shows that how much whiplash is affecting people, and treating it on time is the most important thing to avoid any further injury.

Few Tips On Avoiding Whiplash, While Driving

  • You have to make sure that head rest in the car is at proper height
  • Make sure you keep a decent gap between your car and the car which is ahead of yours. This will reduce the chances of an accident
  • Always sit upright on your seat
  • Fastening seat belts is the most important thing

During a car accident, all you have to do is to lean your head back onto the head rest and try to look straight. This will help in reducing any severe whiplash outcome.


Whiplash is the injury which may cause acute neck pain, and in order to treat this specific problem, the important thing is to find the clinic, which owns the vast experience of treating patients suffering from whiplash. Pain Management Institute in this regard is the best place to go for, as you get a chance to meet the experience doctors, and may avail the latest and advanced facilities to treat whiplash. So do not waste time and contact on this number (815) 464-7212 for an appointment.

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Coping With Head Injury!!

Head Injury And Its Kinds

The severity of head injury depends on how it happened, the way it took place. There are few head injuries that cause bleeding within your skull. Other injuries, damage the outside area of your head, resulting in the formation of bumps, or bruises and lacerations. Pain in the head is undoubtedly unbearable, sometimes een leadin you to nauseatic feeling and compelling you to hault your usual activities. Below are four kinds of head injury so read them thoroughly and we hope knowing about them will help you in many ways.

·        Closed Injury

This injury does not break your skull or penetrate brain tissue, but your brain can be vulnerable to bruising and swelling because of it.

·        Open Injury

Open injury is the one, which pricks your skull, and this damage can cause bleeding in your brain tissues. You may come across skull fracture because of it.

·        Concussion

This specific kind of injury takes place as your brain gets shaken, and it may cause consciousness and headache.

·        Scalp Wounds

Scalp is known as the skin that is to cover and protect your skull naturally. This injury makes you vulnerable to bleeding or tissue damage.

Its Causes

There are many causes behind the head injury, but we have jot down the names of the most common causes of head injury.

  • Injuries caused by Vehicle Accident
  • Skull wounds caused by Gun shot
  • The striking of your head by any heavy object

Diagnosis Of Head Injury

The pressure headache, tension headache that is felt before or after the ehad injury is diagnosed by doctors using y sorts of imaging in order to see bleeding in the skull or check any other damage in the brain. The imaging options comprise of CT, Scan, MRI, and X-ray.At the time of head injury, stabilizing your head, back and neck is important before taking you to the hospital, and it is very important to avoid any other injury.

Go To The Right Place For Your Head Injury

The treatment depends on what sort of head injury you have. Opting for the right treatment for head injury also depends on your overall health. The most important thing is to find the place where you can have the proper treatment for this specific injury, and in this regard “Pain Management Institute” is the best place, as it offers you the complete pain management solution. From medication to surgery, you will have all the treatment options for your specific injury at the institute. So do not waste your time, and immediately contact on this number (815) 464-7212 for an appointment.

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Suffering From Neck Pain?-Opt For An Effective Treatment

What To Know About Head Or Neck Pain?

Neck pain and head pain should not be taken so easy, as it may cause a severe headache, which

is sometimes very hard to tolerate.  Although both pains are common, but it is not necessary

that it will be normal, and you have to do something to get rid of pain, which occurred in your

neck or in head.

Neck And Head Are Connected To Each Other Naturally

The vertebrae of your neck help the weight of your head and all of its motions, which does not

seem like much-unless you feel that your head weighs similarly like bowling ball. As your neck

bones are not in natural position, it results in tightening of the muscles and causes irritation of

the nerves which are connected to your head. Below are the symptoms of pain associated with

your head and neck, so read about them, which will help you to take some preventing

measures regarding that.

1. Intense or dull pain or any sort of pain in neck

2. Having stiffness in the neck

3. Not having the ability to move your head properly

4. Headache

5. Pain in jaw and shoulder

Demand For Proper Pain Management

The ways of treating this kind of specific pain have totally changed, and now there are much

more advanced treatment options than going for traditional treatment options.  Safely

eliminating the neck and head pain is possible without causing any side effects, by opting for

proper pan management.  The stress on your neck muscles and irritation in the nerves can

naturally ease, by exploring the areas of misalignment in your neck and upper back, and then

restoring proper alignment.  If your muscles and nerves work normally, then your neck is not

vulnerable to acute stiffness and it also decreases your chances to have a headache.

Go To The Right Clinic For Your Pain

If you visit the right clinic for your pain, it means you have got on the right track, which will lead

you to good results, in terms of getting rid of this specific pain. For that Pain management

institute is the most right place, which has all the facilities under one roof for your neck pain,

and has doctors and staff, who have been treating that sort of pain for years and know how to

eliminate this acute pain in your neck permanently. So feel free to contact Pain Management

Institute at (815) 464-7212 for an appointment.

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Treat Back Pain Properly To Feel Young Again!!

Being in pain most of the time is the most disturbing feeling a person can ever have. A slight cut

on the toe, a bruise in hand may heal slowly and gradually. But in a condition when you feel

constant pain in back, just imagine what changes and issues it would bring to a person. They

indeed make a person frustrated and tensed. The person would even be reluctant to get up from

the bed as lying down will only be the time he/she will feel a bit better.


Obviously, if you do nothing in chronic pain, and keep on following your home remedies

thinking that with the passage of time you will get better; you will start feeling old. It will be as

if, performing small task will require you to do a lot of rest because of the lower back pain that

you are feeling constantly.

Not doing anything in such an acute stage, is like driving a car without steering. You don’t know

where you are going, but the thing which is certain is that you are starting to feel years older,

even with minimal work, less or no engagement in activities etc.


According to a research, it is said that as compared to men, women have greater chances of

suffering from back pain and all the other diseases associated with it.

Some of the consequences that appear if the pain is left untreated include:

 Probelms while sleeping, eating, and mobility

 Impaired immune function

 Incontinence

 Irritability

 Lack of concentration and mental clarity

 Poor appetite and weight loss

 Sadness, anxiety, or depression

 Sexual dysfunction

 Skin ulcers


It is due to our own mishandling of the issues that we turn smaller problems into bigger ones by

not treating them well. In some cases it is also said that the lower back pain might be due to

some other problem. All it requires is proper and timely treatment so that the condition does not

turn into some bigger disease and bring a destructive change in your life.

A little positivity is all that is required. You need to look around, understand how becoming

dependent on others will create problems for your own self. And considering all this opt for the

treatments like exercise regularly, have physical therapy, take a balanced diet, follow a proper

pain medication prescription etc. As, one thing is for sure. The earlier the treatment is begun the

lesser the pain will have its impact in your day-to-day life.

Regarding nay help for involving the diagnosis and treatment of back pain feel free to contact

Pain Management Institute’s pain specialists at (815) 464-7212.

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Facing Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy?-Help Yourself!!

Living With Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Is Not Easy

There is no doubt that living with it is the most painful thing, because it gets much severe, if it is left untreated. This particular syndrome is known as the complex nervous system malfunction, and it is mostly caused by an injury occurred at workplace. This is the most dangerous syndrome, in terms of getting you away from work for years and sometimes forces you to get retired from your work, which would be a great financial loss for both you and your family.

How Is It So Dangerous?

RSD is known by various names such as causalgia, reflex neurovascular dystrophy and complex regional pain syndrome. It mostly occurs in a single leg or arm and slowly and gradually reaches other areas of body. One-third of patients say that this affects the whole body, according to the recent findings regarding it.

The Most Common Symptoms Of RSD

There are many symptoms of RSD, but we will discuss about most common symptoms of RSD, which are:

  1. Chronic Pain in your limbs
  2. Abnormal Swelling
  3. Abnormality of skin
  4. Intense inflammation
  5. Stiffness in joints and tenderness

Behind all these symptoms there is neurological malfunction in the limbs and in other parts of the body. In few cases, it is very difficult to diagnose, and there is chance that they might be mistaken for symptoms of other diseases.

Treatment Options For RSD

You cannot find any single known treatment for RSD, there is a range of treatments that are proved to be helpful for patients. The treatment options include transcutaneous nerve stimulation, motor imagery, tactile desensitization and physical therapy.

Find The Right Clinic For RSD

If you are diagnosed with RSD, then after that your first step should be to find an appropriate and experienced clinic, where you can meet experienced doctors, who have been treating patients for many years. Pain Management Institute is the one, which does not have only experienced doctors, but it also has latest and advanced medical equipment to treat RSD most effectively, and all the other facilities you will get under one roof there. So do not waste your time on thinking too much and approach the PMI specialists at (815) 464-7212 to experience quality treatment for RSD.

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Treat Your Pain By Pain Managing Tactics

Remain Fit For Your Loved Ones

We have grown up listening that after a certain age, we feel pain and it is natural and this is true to some extent also, but we cannot say that it is the only reason, we are struck by pain. Pain of your body cannot be confined only to aging factor, as there are many other reasons as well of having pain and one of them is hard work, which we do in our daily routine. This hard work often leads to back pain, neck pain and pelvic pain. Mostly people do not get the treatment for their problem and stick to it, unless it gets severe and make them unable to even stand for a single minute. This is extremely the wrong approach and those who do not aim to get rid of their pain indirectly create problems for their own families by not acquiring proper treatment forit. Below are 8 hazardous outcomes caused by pain, and if you experience one of them then you must opt for pain managing tactic.

  • Pain makes it difficult for you to continue your daily life activities
  • It disturbs your sleep and sometimes makes you unable to fall asleep
  • Ruin your eating habits
  • It makes you unable to continue your work
  • Gets you depression and anxious
  • Does not get decreased even by the usage of high dosage
  • It also causes a loss of control of anyone’s bowlers or bladders
  • Makes your normal movement difficult

General Perception About The Treatment Of Pain

Mostly people think and believe that treatment for pain is much severe and invasive, but that is wrong as because of medical advancement you can undergo the treatment easily without feeling any pain. The pain, which gets chronic always leaves acute impact on your daily life, so do not waste time and get the treatment as soon as you feel it. You must opt for effective pain management solution, in order to get rid of your pain as soon as possible and it should make you feel better while walking and standing.


Pain managing tactics can be result oriented, if they are performed by experienced pain management specialist. So, all you have to do is to find the right place regarding that, and it is none other than Pain Management Institute, where you will find experienced specialists and all the best facilities to treat your pain under one roof, so do not waste time and contact at (815) 464-7212 to have an appointment.

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Learn 4 Effective Ways of coping with Anxiety after a Road Accident

Car accidents can bring about a lot of mental stress

Car accidents do not only cause physical injuries, in fact it is also the main source of mental stress. If you luckily do not get an injury by a car accident, you can still be shaken up emotionally as the scenario of an accident may bring unwanted thoughts into your mind leading to mental or emotional stress. Many drivers even fail to forget what they went through during an accident for several weeks.  Below are 4 easy tips to get rid of anxiety after a car accident, so learn them to avoid anxiety.

1.     Counseling is very important

If you suffer from panic attacks from the thought of getting back behind the wheel, then you must consider having proper counseling. Both behavioral and Cognitive therapists help patients to forget that accident and they also guide patients about putting the situation behind them. Cognitive therapy finds the reason behind the anxiety and also points out the negative thoughts, which contribute to anxiety. The behavioral therapy finds how patient’s actions and reactions trigger anxiety.  Knowing what triggers anxiety is the first step in the recovery procedure.

2.     Go for Yoga, Exercise and Meditation

Physical activity and relaxation are considered best approach for eliminating anxiety after your horrible car accident.  You must exercise or go for you yoga daily, in order to remove anxiety completely, and for that you must take the help of professional trainers.   This will help you to divert your mind from the horrible experience of road accident.

3.     Try to involve yourself in healthy activities

This is very important that you keep your mind and your body busy in healthy activities, rather than sitting on a chair and keep thinking about past’s horrible experience. Take out time to watch T.V, play any sport, or get busy in charitable work. This will help you to have a smile on your face, with getting rid of anxiety.  As you properly focus on yourself, then you will see that stress and anxiety are weakening, and you are feeling better mentally.

4.     Apply for Defensive Driving Course

Many people think that they are very good at driving, but it is wrong to say that they do not need any more training regarding that. People get benefited from defensive driving course. These courses help you to learn about dangerous driving situations, and learning about that will help you to avoid them to occur. Although the accident is not your fault, the courses like that will help you to feel yourself more focused, during the accident time, and that will help you to cope with anxiety.

Have you been injured in a car wreck? Get the right medical care at Pain Management Institute of Chicago. Dial (815) 464-7212 to get in touch today.

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Don’t Let Spinal Compression Fractures Steal Your Happiness

As you start aging, your bones become weak, leading you to osteoporosis and thus making you vulnerable to fractures. Eventually your lifestyle gets influenced by such problems and slowly and gradually it becomes difficult for you to even perform the routinely activities. Spinal Compression fracture is confirmed in the elderly by back aches and pains making it difficult for them to bend. Women aging over 50 and having the condition of postmenopausal usually face such fractures caused by bone thinning osteoporosis.

With fracture, say No to ‘over work’

When bones get brittle, activities of daily life can cause minor spinal compression fractures. As you bend to lift an object, you have to make sure that you do it perfectly, as missing a step, or slipping on a carpet may get your spinal bones vulnerable to first chronic pain and then fracture. Many people fall prey to fractures, just because they do not follow the guided plan by their trainer at gym. Instead they work out in the gym in an unhealthy way, which leads them to spinal fracture.

Who are much vulnerable to Spinal Compression Fractures?

There are two groups of people who are much vulnerable to such type of fracture and cases have been found most in both of these groups than others. One group comprises of those who have disease such as osteoporosis, and another group comprises of people who have cancer, which has reached to their bones.  If you are diagnosed with specific kind of cancer, with multiple myeloma and lymphoma, it is the chance that your doctor will observe you for compression fracture.

Right Doctor, Proper Treatment

This should be your first consideration, as it gets you on right track to reach your desired goals, when it comes to getting rid of spinal fracture. For this issue, two things are very important. First you have to meet a doctor, who has the experience of treating that sort of specific fracture and another is to have a clinic, which can offer you all the latest and advanced facilities for your fracture under one roof. For this Pain management institute would be the best choice, having experienced doctors who have great knowledge of treating that sort of fractures with proper pain management. So do not waste time and avail the effective treatment. You are free to contact us at 815 464 721.

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How to Deal With Chronic Pain?

Approximately a hundred million US citizens suffer from chronic pain resulting from different causes. Here are 8 tips to help you manage your pain:

1.     Make Lifestyle Changes

Successfully managing pain requires you to change your life style. In fact it demands you to make your life style healthier. And for that there are few activities you have to add into your life style so below are all of them take a look and get benefit by them.

  • Exercise on regular basis, which will definitely help your body to get relaxed, and decrease the pain’s intensity. But Exercise should be guided by experienced physician.
  • If you don’t get proper sleep, it turns persistent pain more into acute or chronic pain, so if you feel difficulty in sleeping, talk to your doctor for that and get proper sleep.
  • Stop thinking of pain all the time, yes you must stop it as it does not only increase your pain but also gives you stress or any acute mental illness, so distract yourself from pain.
  • Too much spicy or oily food can worsen your pain so make a diet plan with the help of your nutritionist, as it will be helpful for you.

2.     Go for Physical or Occupational Therapy

Physical are occupational therapy are considered as much helpful and beneficial pain treatment. Physical therapy comprises exercises and treatments, which enhance the mobility of your body, strengthen you. Occupational therapy comprises teaching new ways, which spans from buttoning buttons to cooking food.

3.     Do not increase the use of OTC Painkillers

Do not go for self-medication, as it may cause you more other severe conditions. Do not overuse painkillers such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen and aspirin, as they are only good for occasional pain.

4.     Consult the experienced Pain Expert

When suffering from chronic pain, you must consult an experienced pain management specialist. Always look for pain management institute as they offer you all sorts of treatments from medication to massage treatment at same clinic.

5.     Talk briefly about your pain

Do not just tell that you have pain to your doctor. Be more specific about it and describe all the experiences, you have gone through with your pain. In short, do not hide anything from your doctor.

6.     Useful Medications

There are other medications as well than painkillers that also help you cope with persistent pain. These include Antidepressants, which change levels of chemicals in your brain that influence pain levels and your mood.

7.     Surgery is considered as last option

Surgery is considered as the last option, when it comes to treating pain. It is because surgery always comes with risks. You have to consult your doctor to talk about its outcomes. Surgery may treat your chronic pain but no one guarantees you that it will not cause side-affects.

8.     Control Substance use

Do not consider alcohol or illicit drugs as much useful way of controlling pain. The results of self-medication are not long lasting. Substances such as Alcohol and illicit may turn your pain into more serious condition. If you rely on alcohol and illicit drugs for your pain, it means you need professional help.


Proper pain management is very important in this regard, so you must visit a doctor who can offer you proper pain management for your pain. At Pain Management Institute, we have experienced pain management specialists, who will ensure your return to your normal life in a quick manner. Call (815) 464-7212 today to book a consult.

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