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Fed Up of Hip Pain – Here Is How To Treat It

It is common thought that as you grow old, you are destined to experience multiple ills and pains. However, studies show that pain in hips is not a product of aging – it is cause of an injury or disease. These injuries are usually caused because of fall, slip, improper posture, excess weight lifting, etc. Today pain in different parts of body is a very common complaint. Being careless in the beginning of the hip pain many patients forced to through hip replacement surgeries. Following a famous proverb, “Precaution is always better than cure.” here I have brought you some simple and easy tips to prevent or alleviate hip pain as follows:


  • Avoid carrying excess weight beyond your ability to carry. It would be great if you use a trolley for shopping.
  • Sitting or sleeping in any improper posture would produce strain on your hips. Always choose a proper and comfortable posture.
  • Patients of hip pain must always avoid activities that would give pressure on its hip bones and muscles, and make one side of the pelvis bone higher than the other. Because it could worsen their hips, e.g. running down hills, hiking, etc. in only one direction round a track or hiking. Keep your hips level.
  • Get physical therapy from an expert physician and do exercise only under his/her supervision in case you are already experiencing pain in your hips.
  • Always warm yourself up before doing any activities. Stretching exercises are best to make your hips flexible and thereby mitigate pain in that area.
  • Improve your lifestyle. Since these are unhealthy habits that are the root cause of pain in different parts of body including hip pain. Take medications prescribed by your doctor and do exercises as recommended by your physician.
  • A person should immediately get medical advice in the following cases:
    • he/she has had a fall or got his/her hip injured, fractured, or strained
    • Pain is getting worse
    • There is inflammation at areas of hips joints, buttocks, and thighs
    • Experiencing difficulty in day to day activities, e.g. sitting, walking, going up and down stairs or leaning forward when sitting


If you and your loved one is suffering from hip pain and has been experiencing persistent pain despite taking regular medication, the patient should get expert advice. Contact us at (815) 464-7212 to get specialized consultation from Dr. Zaki Anwar.