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What do you know about selective nerve block?

Selective nerve root block and epidural injection have similarity, as the procedure and tactic identical. Here epidural has been mentioned to indicate the space out of Dura or surrounding of the spinal cord and under the spinal canal and consecutive length of spinal cord. This particular sort of epidural injection is for two purposes one is for diagnosing and another for therapeutic. Numbing agents like lidocaine, and steroid are entered in the nerve root which needs to be curable. Patients feel the changes in his/her pain after the procedure. Physician observes the patient’s response after examining the patient who undergoes this particular procedure. Only one nerve is processed by numbing as the dose is small which is used for it. This procedure guides physician to identify which nerve is the reason for a patient to have pain. Patient gets relief from pain and from inflammation by this comprehensive pain management treatment.

How is this procedure done?

Patient is suggested to undergo this selective nerve root blocking by a doctor to confirm a particular damage to nerve or remove the pain which occurs in back, neck, and limb. Pinched nerve and spinal stenosis are the reasons for damaged nerves which are diagnosed by this procedure and it also helps to reduce pain which causes by injury. While the process of selective nerve block doctor focuses on a particular suppressed and effected nerves in your cervical spine, lumber spine, and thoracic spine. Then doctors enter numbing agents like anesthetic, corticosteroid or may be the mixture of these numbing medications for damaged nerves. The doctor can also take the help of an X ray machine to find the damaged nerve and it is called fluoroscope, which brings the live images of your nerve’s condition on a screen. There are also some specific selective nerve roots blocks which happen to identify problem in particular nerve and Other blocks help the doctor to treat a damaged nerve. There is another option too your doctor may ask you to undergo which is scanning procedure and it is an alternative of fluoroscope.

What does this procedure offer you?

As you compare the epidural steroid injection with the selective nerve root block you would find that selective nerve root block gives more information to a doctor while he/she identifying the cause of your pain. Your nerve related issues can be cured equally by an epidural steroid injection and selective nerve root blocks. The benefits of comprehensive pain management for damaged nerves in your cervical spine, lumber spine and thoracic spine can be achieved by this selective nerve blocking.