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What do you know about lumbar sympathetic block

It is an injection that falls under the category of local anesthesia. This injection is used in or around sympathetic nerves and gives you relief from back pain management. The sympathetic nervous system includes sympathetic nerves. These nerves can be seen at any side of spine at lower back. The function of these nerves is to sustain and maintain the blood flow. In some specific situations these sympathetic nerves pass the pain’s indication to spinal cord from peripheral tissues. This lumbar sympathetic block comprises of injections,which are for relieving sciatica happened by hazardous regional pain syndromes.

What is this lumbar sympathetic block for?

It helps to block sympathetic nerves which reach to leg on the same side as injection. This decreases back pain and removes swelling. This lumbar sympathetic block also allows a patient to have pain free physical movement. It is very helpful for the treatment of Reflex sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) and this lumbar sympathetic blockage is performed for relieving complex regional pain syndrome as well. Patients of peripheral vascular have also the chance to get benefited from lumbar sympathetic blocks

Do you get pain while experiencing lumbar sympathetic block?

IT does not give you that much pain as lumbar sympathetic block does not require a typical surgery to happen. In this procedure a needle is entered through skin. Numbing of skin and numbing of deeper tissues are done by a doctor not to let you experience pain. Sedation of intravenous is what which helps patients to go through this lumbar sympathetic treatment comfortably.

How is this procedure done?

In the procedure of lumbar sympathetic block patient is asked to lie down on stomach. The patients are observed by an oxygen-monitoring device. Temperature detecting device can also be placed on the patient’s feet. This treatment is done in the germ-free conditions. Patient’s back skin is cleaned by antiseptic liquid and then doctor numbs the patient’s skin with a local anesthesia. Then for confirming needles have placed into the proper position successfully along the outer area of spine X-ray is used by a doctor. By using a dose of dye doctors approve that entered medication will reach particular area. The doctor takes help of an X RAY to examine the expansion of entered medication.

What does a patient feel after lumbar sympathetic block

Soon after the injection a patient feels that his/her lower is getting warm. Patient feels and observes that pain has gone or has reduced. You may feel short numbness in the leg but it would not last for a greater period of time.