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What causes me shoulder pain? How do I fix my shoulder pain?

As we get older, keeping ourselves active and regular workout becomes more important than before. We usually realize that joint pain or injury restricts our ability to work out. Shoulder pain is a common ailment that can influence the individuals in all their lifestyle and is very common in senior citizens due to the aging process. The shoulder is a complicated, and highly flexible joint that is exposed to sprains, strains, tendon tears and inflammation. Some common causes of shoulder pain involve;


Though there are several types of arthritis, however, it traditionally involves wear and tear damage and inflammation of the joint resulting in swelling, pain and stiffness

Rotator cuff tears;

The rotator cuff is a strong cord of muscles and tendons responsible for providing strength and firmness to the shoulder joint. Repetitive motion and wear and tear or intense sports activities may cause the  rotator cuff to tear


The shoulder joint is provided with an easing small pocket around the rotator cuff which is often called the bursa, aggressive movements can cause the bursa to get inflamed

Fracture or dislocation

A sudden fall or an injury can break one of the bones surrounding the shoulder or may force to dislocate from its normal position. The broken or dislocated bone of the shoulder brings about severe pain and loss of mobility in the shoulder joint

Cervical disc herniation

Shoulder pain can also arise due to damaged disc or pinched nerve. Degenerative disc may also contribute to severe shoulder pain


The physician will ask about your medical history and may conduct physical examination and other diagnostic test such as MRI and X-ray

Shoulder pain treatment

Traditional shoulder pain treatments involve changing your lifestyle and habitual activities, taking sufficient rest and treating with ice and heat, physical therapy to improve the range of motion and strength  90% of the shoulder pain is relieved with these simple remedies, however, in a few cases steroid injections or surgery may become necessary

Most of the patients neglect the initiating shoulder symptoms with minor effect, however, if your symptoms are chronic, consult your physician immediately to get a timely diagnosis and shoulder pain treatment. In case of an acute injury and sharp pain, immediately seek medical attention

Only 30 percent of the Americans over age 65 workout on routinely basis. Just a 30 minutes a day of physical activity will help improve your overall shoulder pain condition and the quality of life. Letting shoulder pain hold you back from enjoying life is your choice