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The Recovery, Benefits & Procedure of Microdiscectomy

People who are suffering from lumbar herniated disc are the right candidates of microdiscectomy also known as microdecompression or microdiskectomy. Previously there were the times when surgical methods involved larger incisions and long recovery periods. But now with this process, which is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, the specialists are able to treat the lumbar herniated disc patients by removing the portions of the herniated disc and thus relieving pressure on the spinal nerve column.

How is the Procedure Carried Out!

The main aim of the microdiscectomy procedure is to remove the disc material that is causing pressure on the nerves. The process is carried out under general anesthesia, in which the patient is lying face down. In these steps it is carried out:

  • Upon the affected disc, a 1 to 1 ½ inch incision is made
  • Through a lighted microscope, the surgeon is able to see the affected area
  • A small portion of the bone I removed by the surgeon
  • The damaged herniated tissue is removed with a scissor like tool that eventually lessens the pressure on the nerve
  • With sutures the incision is closed
  • The patient opting for this procedure will be discharged the same day or the next morning

Who Can Benefit from Microdiscectomy?

People who are facing the condition of lumbar herniated disc must also be well aware of its worse condition which is sciatica. When the spinal nerve is compressed, it gives to rise to sciatic condition in which any tasks involving walking sitting standing becomes problematic. The sciatic patients suffering from the pain since many days are the right candidates that will definitely benefit from microdiscectomy.

Recovery Time

As compared to the other invasive procedures, the recovery time is much shorter and the people after the treatment are able to leave the hospital the same day or within 24 hours. However, after the microdiscectomy procedure, your physical therapist will instruct regarding the bending, twisting and lifting movements. He/she will recommend you the exercises that will help in importing the strength and flexibility of the muscles.

If you or any of your loved one is suffering from lumbar herniated disc or any other body issue, get a professional advice from Dr. Zaki Anwar by placing an appointment at (815) 464-7212). He is an expert anesthesiologist and certified Pain Management Specialist who has been practicing pain relief techniques for the past several years with effective results.