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Preventive Measures for Slip & Fall Injury Cases!!

It is common with most of us that while walking and engrossed in some deep thoughts we stumble or in other case we do not look over the stuff that is kept in the pathway and then encounter an injury being unable to control ourselves from falling.  According to an approximate, there are almost 15 percent of the accidental deaths, reason being the slips, trips and falls.

The most common causes either at the workplace or in any other area leading to slip and fall injury include:

Situations Leading to Slip & Fall Injuries

  • Wet or greasy floors
  • Spilled liquid or other stuff on the floor
  • Loose floor tiles or bricks
  • Due to weather conditions such as ice, snow, rain etc
  • Damaged ladders
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Not so good staircase conditions
  • Loose mat or carpets
  • Excessive use of soap or polish on the floor
  • Uneven walking surfaces
  • Floors that are too much dry or have powder or dust on it

Here Are the Measures!!

In order to protect oneself from severe accidents, one must follow the below mentioned measures that will them prevent the injuries:

Environmental Conditions

Irrespective of the steps that are being taken in the winters such as removing the ice or snow from sidewalks, parking lots people still encounter slip and fall injuries. To stop this people should

  • Dry off their shoes when entering a building
  • Make sure that you walk slow in order to keep an eye on any uneven surface

Proper Housekeeping

Proper housekeeping practices including, frequent clean ups, spills or wet area signs, clearing up the debris on the floor etc should be followed to save yourself from any unwanted injury.

Adequate Lighting

If on regular basis you have to walk from the areas that have poor lighting then you are increasing for yourself the risk of getting injured severely. Instead of this, try to lit the areas, clean them properly to minimize the risks of any slip and fall injury cases.


Keeping in consideration the weather condition and the accidents that can happen make sure that you wear proper footwear for traction on the slippery surfaces. Adding to this, you can also opt for the slip resistant shoes that will give you good control while walking.

If you or any of your loved one is suffering from some slip and fall injury, get a professional advice from Dr. Zaki Anwar by placing an appointment at (815) 464-7212). He is an expert anesthesiologist and certified Pain Management Specialist who has been practicing pain relief techniques for the past several years with effective results.

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Manage Your Slip and Fall Injury Pain with R.I.C.E.

We often experience slip and fall injury in our day to day life at our workplace while doing office activities, on road while traveling somewhere, on playground while playing football sport with your friends. Most often such injuries are treated by taking first aid medication. However, doctors suggest to have proper diagnosis of the injury because it may have caused you a subtle internal damage in your nerves or muscles that if left untreated could result in long term medical condition. Consequently, seeing your doctor is primary whether the injury is associated with minor pain or debilitating painful experiences.


R.I.C.E Approach to Manage a Slip and Fall Injury Pain


A slip and fall injury resulting in muscle injuries are often deeply painful. R.I.C.E. is an acronym that many physicians and sports trainers use that stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation that have been briefed as follows:



Let your injured muscles, joints, or bones have some rest and avoid putting weight on the injured body area.



Application of ice packs on the injured area at regular intervals for 15 to 20 minutes at a time will temporarily give relief to the debilitating pain suffered from a slip and fall injury. The benefits of ice are often most significant within two days of the injury.



Wrap an elastic bandage firmly around your injury can further prevent swelling and mitigate pain by keeping the area somehow immobilized. If the wrapping causes numbness or tingling in the extremity, remove it and rewrap the part more loosely. It should not be wrapped so tight that it disturbs and interferes with blood flow.



Prop your injury above the level of your heart to let the fluid drain away from the injured area. Because of doing so helps reduce swelling. If you are unable to elevate an injured part to a level above your heart, try to keep it close to it or at same level.



Final Note

At some point, you or any of your loved one might have suffered a slip and fall injury that is causing debilitating pain in the victim’s body. In that case get proper diagnosis and expert treatment, and seek professional advice from Dr. Zaki Anwar by placing an appointment at (815) 464-7212. He is a pain management specialist who has been practicing pain relief therapies for the past several years with effective results.

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Kill Your Arm Pain with These 5 Natural Ways

Pain in the arm is something common that often results from an injury, joint fracture, inflammation, or slip and fall. It is often managed by taking rest and non-inflammatory pain-killer medication. Exercising under supervision of your physician is a great way to manage and get relief from various body aches including arm pain. However, consultation from your doctor is primary to avoid any sort of hidden consequences of your arm pain. In the following paragraphs I have outlined 5 effective natural remedies to get relief from arm aches:


Exercise: Doing some daily regular exercises such as walking and jogging not only relaxes body muscles but also strengthen the joints and muscles. Swimming is not only a powerful exercise for your arms but also a joyful arm pain treatment.


Just Breath: It could be stress causing shallow breathing and tightening arm muscles leading to pain in person’s arm. By improving breathing and doing some relaxation techniques would alleviate tense muscles and release arm pain.


Get Massage Therapy: Various studies have shown that massage therapy is an effective arm pain treatment. Today many people get regular massage therapy daily, weekly or monthly based on their preferences, health, and costs.


Stretch Yourself: If your arm is aching from overuse, some gentle stretching would help alleviate the tightness in those muscles to mitigate the pain. Give yourself some time to relax while you are working at your office. Give your arms 5 rotations clockwise and 5 anticlockwise every 2 hours at your workplace.


Improve Your Diet: Consume wholesome foods that are enriched with necessary factors and vitamins necessary for your body muscles and joints. Fruits and vegetables enriched with protein and calcium, such as eggs, milk, yogurt, fish and seafood, soya, and pistachio are great ingredients for your arm pain treatment.


In short whenever you feel an arm pain, deeply breath, improve your diet, do some exercise, get some massage, and stretch yourself to relax your arm muscles and mitigate the aches. However, it is recommended to see your doctor to avoid any chronic consequences. In case you or any of your loved one is seeking an arm pain treatment, seek expert advice from Dr. Zaki Anwar by placing an appointment at 815-464-7212. He is a Pain Management Specialist and certified Anesthesiologist who has been practicing pain relief treatments for the past several years with 100% successful results. We will contact you within 24 hours.

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