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Car Accident may cause a Rib Injury

In your body, ribs play very important part, when it comes to protecting your vital organs from being damaged. They are known to serve as first defense while collision in a car accident. Due to this, your ribs are at high risk of getting injury, specifically during a car accident. Below are the details of how your ribs get injured? And what are the reasons behind it?

Factors Contributing to Rib Injury

Rib injury is considered to be the most common injury, which occurs in a road accident. There are some factors, which increase your chances to get a rib injury and give you acute pain; below are those factors

  1. You may get rib injury, if you come across frontal or side impact collision in a car accident
  2. Rib injury can also be caused by collision with engaged seat belt.
  3. Powerful collision with airbag can also be the reason of rib injury
  4. Collision with steering wheel or door is also the common reason behind rib injury.

Many reports about rib injury have revealed that Rib strain has taken place more than a rib fracture in less dangerous accidents. Usually the most common injuries after a car accident are the rib injuries, and they are considered as the most acute as bone fragment have the characteristic of puncturing your lung. This indicates that rib injury may damage your lungs as well.

Diagnosis and treatment of a rib injury


Procedure of Diagnosing Rib Injury

After the car accident, the first thing which you do is visit a qualified injury specialist. In rib injury, it is very important for you to let your doctor examine your chest accurately, and then he/she may take the help of X-ray to carefully examine your bones. You can be taken through tests such as MRI or bone scan, in order to finalize the correct treatment for your rib injury.

Treatment of a Rib Injury

You may listen good or bad news about treatments of a rib injury. In many cases rib just gets cracked, not totally broken, and these sorts of injuries have the quality to heal themselves. Good news is that, you do not have to cope with a cast as in the case of broken arm or foot, cast may stop you from taking long breath. The bad news is that damaged rib can cause you acute pain, as it compels you to move your chest to take a breath. If you have failed to cope with it by taking painkiller medicines, then ask your doctor to give you much effective medication. In the case of suffering from fractured rib, you will have to undergo a surgery. And in surgery, your doctor will focus on treating the damaged area and repair your rib cage with plates and screws. Furthermore, he/she will ensure that your organs sustain safe and the bones start healing accurately.

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