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Suffering from Work-related Back Pain? Here is how to Alleviate It!!

Belonging in the IT field, you must be the one using computer for long hours completing your projects, worried about your deadlines. But the time when you go home you only need a bed; a resting place where you can lie straight and alleviate your back pain. What’s the use of such schedule that will in the end tire you so much that you eventually start hating your busy routine and would want some days off from work. Why get depressed when with some changes in your work schedule you can vanish of the chronic back pain that you are facing.

A Few Simple Routine Changes!

Keeping your head up

While sitting and working make sure that you are not straining forward. Align your neck and head right above your shoulders. This will eventually cause less stress on your back.

Your mouse Position

Your shoulder, arm or wrist should not get over stretched while you are working. It should be placed just close to your keyboard; the ideal position where you would not have to stretch and feel pain at your back.

Pick Your Chair

Your chair would be the one that will give you best lumbar or back support and will not stress your spine whenever you get up. So, be a bit choosy with your chair.

Breathing technique

Proper inhaling would involve engaging the core muscles that would provide support for the overall body. This breathing technique is all about inhaling while thinking about bringing your navel towards the spine.

Sitting in the perfect position

You can trigger your back pain, if you do not care about your sitting position. The right way is to maintain your torso at one arm’s length away from the monitor.

About your feet

Yes, from head to your feet every part of the body matters in contributing towards back pain. Your feet should be kept flat on the floor and apart from each other focusing the gap of the shoulder width.

Following the aforementioned tips, will help you treat your back pain and perform best at work without going a day off.

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