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Steps for after a “slip and fall” accident in the work area

Slip and fall injury mishaps are very troublesome, as they can happen to anyone anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether the weather is snowy or icy that would become the reason of the fall. Truth is many of us have experienced a slip or a fall injury once in a life time or maybe more times. And it would be most likely not our fault. Be it not our error or not, whenever such mishap occurs we must approach a pain management center straightaway to get an apt treatment.

The majority of slip and fall injuries result in relatively minor “soft tissue” injuries. For instance, sprained tendons, ligaments and muscles, minor contusions and abrasions, small gashes and minor burns.

It is noticed that a large number of slip and fall injuries are very serious and are referred to as “hard injuries”. These include head trauma, disc herniations, fractures, amputations, deep gashes and third or fourth degree burns.

The steps you must take after a slip and fall accident include:

Steps after the misfortunate accident

Medical Help

Your health or the health of a loved one or a friend is the top most priority. You must seek medical help immediately; visiting a pain management center for treatment. By documenting your injuries you will also be able to provide proof, if you choose to seek compensation of your medical bills.

Report it

If the mishap of slipping/falling took place in a store, apartment building, your friend’s house or elsewhere, make sure you report it to the manager, owner or the landlord. A report must be made from the side of the business manager or landlord and you must obtain a copy before you leave.

Keep Calm

If in case you get injured on a home owner’s property, then instead of panicking you must stay calm and considering your injuries visit a pain center for the right help. Getting angry and upset will not provide you with any benefit whatsoever.

Take Photos

Document or remember the exact location where you fell, including stairs, railings, ice patches, or any other condition that contributed to the fall. This will help you avail the best treatment by discussing the scene in detail with your doctor.


Take a quick scan of the area. Look for what may have caused you to fall. It is usually difficult to be in a normal mood right after you fall. But it’s important that you look for anything immediate around you. Ask the witnesses if they saw anything about the area so that it will be helpful when you report.

Shoes and clothing

Place the shoes and clothes that you were wearing during the accident in a safe storage place. This, maybe a relevant evidence for later use.

Get the info

Collect name, phone numbers and addresses of any possible witnesses. This will help you in proving your version down the road.

Follow up

Go to an appropriate Pain Management Institute. Make sure what the immediate and long term effects of the injury are. When you have a complete understanding you can either:

  • Contact a lawyer
  • Contact the store directly.

It is best to talk with a lawyer experienced in slip and fall. However, if you want to sort it out without the help of a lawyer then you must approach the store manager directly. Present to them doctor’s reports and the invoices on your losses and ask to be compensated. At that point they will take the matter to the insurance team and they will then try to settle it with you.