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Rotator Cuff Tears Risk factors, Prevention & Treatment

Rotator cuff tear it’s the most hazardous injury especially for athletes, laborers and for people from all walks of life. The rotator cuff comprises of four tendons and muscles which connect around the shoulder’s joint on the above of humerus the top arm bone above the elbow. Jointly they form a “cuff” that both holds your arms in place and let it move in many different directions. While your shoulder is very important mobile joints, so it may get weak. Having too much stress on this joint, can cause tears and swelling in the tendons of rotator cuff. Sudden stress makes tendons get a way from the bone or it can bring tear in the middle of the tendon.


Risk factors
Holding heavy weight is one of the frequent reasons of shoulder pain so avoid lifting heavy objects. Monotonous over head movement of your arms would stress your rotator cuff muscles and tendons which will cause tearing muscles. The size of a bone can increase at the part of the shoulder blade that obtrudes above the rotator cuff. This newly formed extra bone would irritate and weaken the tendons. As you get older, the risk of having rotator cuff injury increases. This particular pain has been seen in the people older than 40. Athletes are the most notable people if you talk about having shoulder’s injury as their chances of getting shoulder pain are much more than common people.
Many people prefer to exercise the frontal muscles of the chest, shoulder and upper arm. It is also important to keep the muscles strong in the back of the shoulder and around the shoulder blade to sustain shoulder muscle balance. You must consult a physical therapist that would help you have a guided plan of exercise. Always warm up before doing any physical work and prevent yourself from doing any activity which harms your shoulder muscles. Make it a habit to do some stretching exercises before and after an activity as it is a reasonable way of saving yourself from shoulder pain.
The treatment of shoulder pain is very steady and slow so you must have patience when you are recovering from it. Avoid any movement or activity that harms the muscles of your shoulders. Icing your shoulders three times a day would save you from having shoulder pain. Ask for a shoulder exercise plan from your doctor and make it the part of your daily activities. Physical therapy is the best way to make your shoulder muscles strong. Therefore, consult your physical therapist for that, at least once a month.