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Is failed back surgery a syndrome?

Failed back surgery syndrome often called FBSS is an inaccurate name used, basically it is not a syndrome, a very broad statement that is frequently used to explain the conditions of patients who had not reaped successful results with back surgery or spine surgery and feel continued pain after the surgery. There may be several reasons that may contribute to back surgery,  even if performed by the best surgeon with the best indication, spine surgery is not more than 95% anticipated of successful results

The spinal surgery basically addresses only two ailments;

  1. Decompress a nerve root that is pinched, or
  2. Stabilize a painful joint.

Usually a back surgery or spine surgery cannot completely eliminate the patients’ pain, however the surgery can only alter the physical structure and any damage caused to the anatomy of the spine. The most probable cause of back pain can be recognized prior to the surgery rather than following the failed back surgery

Expected Pain after failed back Surgery

Several types of failed back surgery are more expected regarding the patient’s pain symptoms than others. For instance

Discectomy for a lower disc herniation causing leg pain is expected to be successful, however, a discectomy for a lower disc herniation causing lower back pain is far less successful

A spine fusion for spinal impermanence is relatively less riskier operation, but a fusion surgery for multiple lower degenerative disc disease are riskier and less successful in reducing patient’s pain after failed back surgery

Hence the best way to avoid spinal surgery that may bring undesired consequences is to opt the surgeries that have a higher degree of success and make sure that any physical injury that can be treated must be identified prior to operation

Causes of failed back surgery and pain afterwards

Additional to the discussed above causes of the failed back surgery, there are many other potential causes of failed back surgery or persistent pain after surgery

  • Fusion surgery considerations
  • Lumbar decompression back surgery considerations
  • Scar tissue considerations
  • Postoperative

The failed back surgery syndrome is basically not a syndrome and there are no distinctive cases. Every patient is different, and a patient’s continued treatment and work up need to be individualized to his or her particular problem and situation.

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