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How to Avoid Car Accidents

Elaboration on this Issue

It has been observed that the cases in which people have died in cars’ accidents are more than those who died because of some other reason. In United States 29% of all injury deaths are caused by car accident, and it has also been seen to be 47% of all unintended deaths. More than 80% of road accidents include drivers and many different occupations, and rest of 20% includes motorcyclist, cycle riders and pedestrians.

How Fast Is It Becoming More Problematic?

In Minnesota, many deaths which are related to injuries caused by car’s accident and it has become more problematic as almost people of all age groups have got affected by this specific cause of injury. Behind 50% of traumatic brain injuries and 60% of injuries of spinal cord there is only one reason, which is car accident injury. It depicts the hazardous outcomes of increasing ratio of accidents. Young drivers between the ages of 15 to 24 have many chances to come across such mishaps, and not only young drivers aged drivers and those who do not prefer to fasten belts while sitting in a car are also considered to come across such accidents. The treatment charges are much high for pedestrians who get injured by car’s accident, and aged people are much vulnerable to lose their lives because of road side accidents.

How the Ratio of Car’s Accidents Got Reduced?

The ratio of the deaths specifically caused by car’s accidents has been decreasing, and it is because of many reasons and one of them is that people have understood the importance of seat belts. And some other reasons include less ratio of Alcoholic drinking, good and maintained roads, cars which have much options of avoiding accident, on the spot emergency medical services. And there are many things which need to be improved in all these specific areas to decrease the ratio of car accidents.

What Are Those Preventions Which Need To Be Followed By Common People?

In order to prevent car accident injuries, there are some steps which should be taken and awareness of all those preventions must be passed on to common people.  Below are few preventing steps you must keep in mind:

  • Public safety seminars and other programs must be conducted to deliver the importance of using seat belts to common people. And it should be the main concern of the government to increase the awareness among common people to fasten seat belts before they go to drive their cars. It is one of the most important prevention to avoid car accident, which needs to be focused by both government and common people.
  • Youngsters below 18 must not be allowed to drive a car and there should be continuous promotion of graduated licensing system. With that there is another prevention which is to retest aged drivers and it should be done frequently, as they are at high risk of coming across car accident than others.
  • Government and people need to unite to take steps for restricting drivers not to use any alcoholic drink soon before they drive, as they would not only harm their lives only but also the lives of people who walk on the track alongside road.