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How Are Facet Joint Injections Helpful!!

If you are living with chronic manageable pain that is because of some facet syndrome or your arthritis condition; the problem that you are facing since months then facet joint injection is the only approach that will not only be a quick resolution but will also give you long term relief. The place where the pain is usually felt is said to be the lumbar facet joints which are described as the smaller joints located in the lower back and responsible for providing stability and motion to your spine.

Facet Joint Injections!

As a result of arthritis, some injury or mechanical stress, the patient starts experiencing pain in several areas that often result in the lower back, hip, buttocks or leg. There are several reasons considering which the facet joint injections are used such as, by placing numbing medicine into the joint as a result of which the amount of pain experienced in the joint is lessened. The facet joint injections also act as a medium for checking whether the pain is felt in the joints or not. If after the injection the pain is alleviated and the facet joints get numb then it means that these are working best for your pain.

Facet Joints prove to be very helpful

When facet joint injections are combined with local anaesthesia and cortisone based inflammatory medication then both the pain as well as the inflammation in the respective affected joint is alleviated. At the start of the procedure, a local anaesthesia is given to the patient, and then a small needle is injected into the specific facet joint. This medication is given under the fluoroscopic (x-ray) guidance.  With anaesthesia the procedure becomes easier for the patients to tolerate.

The Expected Results

After the facet joint injection procedure is carried out, the patients start to experience relief in the pain on the second or third day. Moreover, it is recommended that you carry on with your routinely activities from the next day of the injection procedure and strenuous activities as well as driving on the day the procedure is carried out must be strictly avoided.

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