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Here Is An Overview To Microdiscectomy!

Amongst the surgical processes that prove to be beneficial in leg and back pain, Microdiscectomy is the best one in being able to bring the patients back to a normal life. Adding to this, the success rate of observed in this surgical method is normally high granting excellent results to those who opted for this process. According to an estimate it has also been observed that the people suffering from lumbar herniated disc when chose surgery find improvements in their symptoms as compared to the ones who didn’t chose surgery.

What for Microdiscectomy!

In order to remove the herniated portion of a disc that is causing pressure on the nerve, microdiscectomy is said to be as the process that has the ability in treating the problem in the most effective manner. Known to be as a minimally invasive procedure, the process is carried out by a small incision with little or no tissue disruption.

The expertise in this process has come to the extent that the surgeons perform the procedure with endoscopic or minimally invasive techniques. In this, no open incision is required rather tubes are inserted into the area to be operated.

Why Is Microdiscectomy Suggested!

In case the leg pain, being faced by the patient is mild then it can be controlled with medications or some other non-surgical treatments. But, in case the pain is severe, then it is better to go for a surgical process that has good number of successful patients.

You should go for Microdiscectomy procedure if:

  • The patient is experiencing leg pain since six or more weeks
  • A herniated disc condition has been proved through MRI scan or other tests
  • Apart from the lower back pain, sciatic pain involving limited range of movement is the patient’s main symptom
  • No relief has been experienced through non-surgical treatments such as physical therapy, oral steroids, NSAIDs etc

Results after Microdiscectomy

As compared to non-surgical processes and the open discectomy procedure, microdiscectomy gives its patients comparable results with minimum recovery times. Patients after this process would be able to return to their normal activity in two to four weeks.

If you or any of your loved one is suffering from Microdiscectomy or any other body pain, get a professional advice from Dr. Zaki Anwar by placing an appointment at (815) 464-7212). He is an expert anesthesiologist and certified Pain Management Specialist who has been practicing pain relief techniques for the past several years with effective results.