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Hazardous Outcomes of a School Bus Accident

One of the most tragic accident is a “school bus accident” as in such accidents, innocent school kids get injured and some of them get permanent physical disability and this is what no parents will like to see. All of us want school buses to take our kids to school and get them back to home safely, but this sometimes does not happen and this is the point parents always get worried about. We will share school bus accident injury statistics to let you understand the seriousness of this issue. This problem will not solve completely until proper rules of driving are followed.

Statistics of Bus accidents

Just to make you understand the seriousness of this issue, we present you the data of 2006 that 17,000 kids were taken to emergency room in 2006 that got injured by school bus accident. This figure is more than the figure of last year.

What are the causes of school bus accidents?

There are many causes behind this specific type of road accidents amongst which there are some on which we have shed light upon. Take a look below and also teach your children in this regard.

  • 25 percent of school bus accidents happen, while child enter or exit from the bus. Now it’s the duty of parents to guide their children on how to get off or get on the bus to avoid accident.
  • 42 percent of injures have been caused by bus accidents.
  • Slips, falls and fights are also the reasons behind kid injuries in buses.
  • Injuries of bus accident comprise cuts, head injuries and fractures.

What has The National School Transportation Association said?

The National School Transportation Association has stated that installing lap belts and seatbelts on the buses will help in preventing the accidents. But these do not seem cost effective. Installing lap-shoulder belts on the buses may cause you both its expensive cost and characteristic of reducing the seating capacity, said by Robin Leeds of the NSTA

Bus is safer than other vehicles

Despite the alarming statistics of bus accidents, school buses are much safer than most vehicles, as they have many built in safety facilities. Below are the details of those features.

  • When it comes to the safer vehicle, height and size of a bus make it stands apart from other vehicles. And these two features help in increasing protection.
  • A bus’s yellow color makes a driver spot it out very easily; such as, who is following it from a long distance on the road.
  • Flashing red lights and stop arms are also those features of a bus, by which any driver can recognize it easily.
  • Feature of reinforced side and back paneling that help driver keep an eye on other drivers on the road.

A road accident should never be ignored, even if your child says that he/she is ok but it’s your responsibility to assess their condition and take them to a doctor. Sometimes there are internal injuries that the child is unable to feel, that if not taken care properly will emerge in a much worse condition. So, it’s better to take the measures at the time of accident.