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Dealing With Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a painful condition that usually affects the hands, legs, arms and feet; caused generally by some trauma to the limbs, in some accident that might’ve acted as a trauma to that limb. The main cause of CRPS as studied, is due to the malfunctioning of the main nervous system, i.e. the brain and the spinal cord.

Symptoms Of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

The pain felt as CRPS is a bit monotone as it happens in a same manner, over and over again. The main symptom that is felt during the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is the pain that feels as though as the body is being stabbed with several needles at once, and maybe as if the affected limb is being pressed down real hard by an external force.

Sometimes such injuries can happen when you might’ve just hurt your finger or just your toe, however, with time, you now feel the pain spread through the arm or leg. Just to be sure, following are the symptoms of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome that you can keep an eye after and be aware of the situation, before hand:

  1. Continuously throbbing pain
  2. Hot and cold sensitivity
  3. Swelling of the area in pain
  4. Changes in skin temperature, as well as its color.
  5. More joint stiffness and damage
  6. Spasms in muscles, weakness and disability to move the certain limb will be experienced

With time and of course, the age of the person who is facing the CRPS, the symptoms and cause might vary and show different signs; which might be more painful and agonizing.

Can Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Go Away?

CRPS varies with each person and shows different signs. It is possible that this condition may last in a person, just for a short while and fade is intensity with time. Whilst there are some, in whom, the pain may persist and even increase instead of lessening with time. It all comes down to the treatment and its time. If the treatment is given to the person suffering from CRPS on time, then the symptoms will decrease and pain will go away.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a condition that is fatal and can become severe with time. Researches have been done in this field to find out more about CRPS and the medication that is necessary to cure this condition. Fortunately, the researches have resulted in a positivity and in future, more solutions regarding CRPS are promised to be found.