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Botulinum Toxin: a treatment for Piriformis muscle syndrome

The Piriformis syndrome is related to sciatica nerve and it happens when the Piriformis muscles press the sciatic nerve. This syndrome is very uncommon and there are very few patients who have been diagnosed by this syndrome. The Piriformis muscle is a flat muscle of the buttock. This muscle is present in the area of the buttock which touches the hip. The purpose of the muscle is to assist the Tighes in rotation. This is the muscle which helps the individuals in lifting their thighs as well as help in the stabilization of the hip joints as well. The muscles give individuals the ability to walk and perform many other activities. The muscle especially stabilizes the body while shifting weight from one foot to another. The rarity of the disease can be identified from the fact that in 2018, there were only 200,000 patients who were treated for this disease all around the US.

Symptoms of Piriformis syndrome

At the initial stage of the syndrome, the patients get the feeling that the nerve is being pinched; however, the feeling of being pinched soon turns into severe pain. This happens mostly when a person sits in the same place consistently for too long. Most people would feel the symptom of Piriformis syndrome while they are on long drives. The movement which can trigger this pain is while a person is climbing on the stairs. The Piriformis syndrome cannot be evaluated or diagnosed with any lab test. There is no lab test designed to identify this disease. Doctors mostly try to understand whether the patient has any history of trauma on the specific part of the body. Prolonging the treatment to get rid of the pain can increase the intensity of the pain.  Pain can grow so much that it can reach from back to the foot of the patient. The chronicity of the pain helps the doctors in deciding the appropriate treatment for the patients. there have been many treatments which have failed to cure chronic pains completely even the surgeries has failed for which patients go through so much hardship and bear a lot of pain. Lack of surety of the conventional chronic pain treatments has made the scientist come up with new and more advanced methods in the form of Botox Treatments for Chronic Pain including Piriformis syndrome.

Treat Piriformis syndrome with Botulinum Toxin

In Botox treatment for chronic pain, doctors inject Botulinum Toxin in the body on the affected part to cure the torn muscles and tissues. The purpose of the treatment is to increase the healing power of the tissues and reactive or replace the dead cells of the body. Many clinics have found out the new way to Botulinum Toxin in the damaged part of the body.  They have found out that they can inject the Botulinum Toxin by using ultrasound images. The Botulinum Toxin treats the scar tissues of the damaged part of the body and reduces inflammation which automatically reduces the pain. The severity of the disease decided how many injections the patient needs for proper cure.

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