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Beware of The Conditions Triggering Sciatica Pain!!

Generally described as a scorching pain travelling down to the legs because of a pinched nerve or an irritated sciatic nerve, sciatica pain makes the patient completely uncomfortable as there is all the time a constant pain starting from the lower back, radiating to the pelvis, buttocks and also including the back of the leg, thus making it difficult for them to even walk, sit or lie down properly.

The intensity of this kind of pain can range from minor to severe bringing with it the burning and aching sensations. Adding to this, the patients also face tingling, numbness feeling that makes them overall weak.

Understanding The Conditions:

At times, it happens that after knowing that we are going through sciatica pain, we visit a pain management specialist and follow the medications. After sometime the pain goes away but in months it again comes back. In order to know the right reason why this happens, we must be aware of the conditions that can make us the victims of such chronic condition. The specific conditions are elaborated as under:

Spinal Stenosis

This is defined to be a condition in which because of inflammation or bone spurs the spinal canal space becomes narrower. As a result of this the nerve roots that are associated with the sciatic nerve get pinched giving rise to sciatica.

Herniated Discs

This is described as the condition that arises when the spinal disc either gets bulged or is ruptured, creating pressure and thus compressing the nerve roots associated with sciatica.  This is said to be as the most common condition leading to sciatica.

Spinal Trauma

Spinal trauma condition often arises when the patient has met an accident, or the spine and the vertebrae have become misaligned. Due to this misalignment, the sciatic nerve gets pinched or irritated giving rise to sciatica pain.


During certain activities, when one vertebrae gets over the another instead of maintaining their original position pressure is created on the sciatic nerve roots giving rise to the pain.

Piriformis Syndrome

This type of syndrome occurs when the sciatic nerve gets compressed as a result of the piriformis muscle, leading the patients to chronic sciatica pain.

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