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An Overview of What is Microdiscectomy & Its Other Details!

Most of the people are unaware, as to what should be done in the condition of herniated disc, a problem that arises between the vertebrae or with one of the rubbery cushions. In such a situation, the best treatment is said to be microdiscectomy also known as micro decompression; a minimally invasive procedure. After this process the herniated disc condition is fully recovered in about six weeks.

How is the Surgical Method Carried Out!!

The main aim of the microdiscectomy condition is to remove the disc material that is placing pressure on the nerves and landing the patient in an extremely painful situation. Through anesthesia, the patient will be made unconscious for the entire procedure. With the patient lying face down the steps of the process are carried out as:

  • Directly over the affected disc an incision of 1 to ½ inch is made
  • In order to perfectly visualize the affected area a lighted microscope is utilized
  • A small portion of the bone with the help of which the nerve root is protected is removed by the surgeon
  • With the help of a scissor like tool, the damaged herniated tissue is removed thus relieving the pressure on the nerve
  • After the process, the incisions are then closed with sutures
  • Either on the same day or the next morning the patient is discharged

The Recovery Time

As compared to the other invasive procedures, the recovery time is pretty short. Most people can easily leave the treatment place the same day or at least within 24 hours. Your physical therapist or an occupational therapist will advise you about the instructions in order to take utmost care of your back while bending, lifting and twisting. Moreover, your therapist will also recommend you some exercises that will be helpful in improving the strength and flexibility of the muscles.

The Precautions You Must Take!

After the process of microdiscectomy make sure that you do not drive right after it. There must be someone who would easily drop you back home. Don’t stress your bones too much by lifting heavy objects, or even bending while performing tasks.

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