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Kyphoplasty is known as the treatment to avoid painful compression fractures in the spine. In compression fracture sometimes all or a part of spine bone gets damaged.

The treatment is also called balloon kyphoplasty

The aim of this treatment is to avoid the pain caused by a fracture in spine and it is also to strengthen the bone and restore few or all the lost vertebral body height.

The process is carried out as

This treatment helps in correcting the bone abnormality and gives a relief from pain which comes from spinal compression fractures. During the procedure:

  • A tube is entered through a half inch cut made in your back into the injured vertebrae. X-rays help to ensure that procedure is being done accurately.
  • Thin catheter tube with the balloon on the tip is taken into the vertebra.
  • The balloon is made distended to create cavity which is filled by liquid bone cement.
  • Then that balloon is deflated and taken away, and bone cement is entered in the cavity.
  • The cement mixture gets harden within 10 minutes.

Am I a Candidate?

Remember, kyphoplasty  does not eliminate the deformity of the spine and patients with osteoporosis are not advised to acquire this treatment. Patients who suffer from painful symptoms or spinal abnormality from recent osteoporotic compression fractures are considered to be the candidates for kyphoplasty.

How much time does this treatment take?

It takes few hours to complete

How long will you take to recover?

You can go home on the day of your surgery, but you need someone’s assistance to take you to home and you are not advised to drive until your doctor allows you.

Its Outcome

People who undergo kyphoplasty mostly have less pain and a better quality of life. You do not need much pain relief medicines to take after the treatment and with the passage of time you feel much better.

After the treatment

  1. You would be able to walk easily. And it is suggested that you take rest for first 24 hours after the treatment
  2. Go to your daily life activities slowly after 24 hour’s rest
  3. Do not lift heavy object and any painful physical activity for at least 6 weeks
  4. Apply ice on the area which gives you pain and it is suspected to be the area where needle was entered.