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The Pain Management Institute is committed to helping people with acute and chronic long-term pain to resume a more normal, productive life without pain.

The Institute delivers an interdisciplinary approach to pain by using a full range of services in both invasive and non-invasive pain treatment. By treating each patient individually, the Institute uses state-of-the-art methodology and various innovative procedures to diagnose pain and determine treatment needs. With the help of a team of health care professionals, patients progress through a continuum of therapies until the desired result is attained.

The Institute is staffed by a team of licensed health care providers, including physicians, nurses, physician assistants and therapists standing by to service patients in a courteous and caring environment.

The successes achieved at the Institute have helped people exceed their perceived limitations and placed them on a path of reclaiming the enjoyment of life without pain.

One out of four people suffer with pain that occurs as a result of injuries from work, sports, automobile accident, post-operative discomfort or chronic illness.

At the Pain Management Institute we have made it our mission to solve problems about pain.

Our team of pain specialists has provided relief to hundreds of patients throughout Illinois.

When you come to the Pain Management Institute, we focus on restoring your quality of life and placing you on a path of reclaiming the enjoyment of life without pain.