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What is Occupational Care? A brief guide for Employers, Employees and Self Employed

Occupational care is for the employee, entrepreneur as well as the self-employed individual. Self-employed is referred to a person who is not in the employ of any other person but rather maintains their own business.

The measures considered in occupational care, applicable to the necessities of the work environment, are together planned by the employer, a personal representative and the occupational health care service provider. They additionally screen and assess the viability and application of the occupational care service.

The objectives of occupational health care are as following:

  • A sound and safe workplace environment
  • A well-working work community
  • Avoiding work associated sicknesses
  • Keeping up and advancing employees’ work capacity and efficiency

The work-related safety authority specialist performs assessments to screen that businesses have structured and provided the legal occupational care services.

Responsibilities of Employers for Occupational Care 

In this manner, employers have a responsibility to arrange protective occupational health care coverage for their workers. Moreover, they have a choice to offer employees with access to medical care at the general consultant level.

In the event that your inability is lengthy, your employer must consult you and the occupational care service in order to evaluate your remaining work capacity and your capability to come back to work. An occupational health care specialist must issue a statement concerning the employee’s remaining work ability and potential to come back to work at the most recent when the employee has accumulated 90 illness allowance days over a time of two years.


Employees are eligible for a preventive word related health care services financed and arranged by the employer. The provision of medical care is intentional for employers.

In order to sort out what sort of occupational health care is accessible to you, you are required to consult your employer. Through the co-determination process, employees can have a say in the occupational care services accessible at their work environment.

In case it is obligatory, your health and work capacity will be assessed through measurements, performance tests or laboratory tests. The occupational care service will recommend you on the health possibilities regarding your work and how to advance your own health.

Self-Employed Persons

In the event that you are self-employed, you can opt:

  • Precautionary work-related health care services for yourself. You can opt to get it from a public health center, a private medical center, or self-employed health services specialists.
  • Health care services at the general practitioner level as a feature of word-related medical services.
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Purpose of occupational health care

Health determinants

Societal factors as in as, working for a living, tasks, economic status are necessary health making elements and having an employment shows an individual’s capacity to function as a component of their overall health condition. Consequently the capacity to progress with activity and being efficient affects the economic status of a single  person, family, communities and nations.

Occupation facilitates earnings, social circles and resources to fulfill health needs and enlightens self esteem and is a fundamental fringe benefit for health and prosperity

As workplaces and health are complicatedly linked and paying proper attention is important for society and individuals. Physicians need to give suitable combinations to work outputs and management of health conditions to make perfect working ability

The basic occupational health care elements include;

  • Training of primary health care professionals to understand early work related ill health, to encourage about making better working conditions, to support get back to work and conserve and build up working ability
  • Connecting occupational care centers under primary care networks and specifying mutual training and occupational knowledge to promote combination and continuation of occupational care
  • Making financial assistance to humans as well as technology along with improvement of work related guidelines
  • Improvement of research and practical approach
  • Establish plans at national level for the health and safety of the workers involving professionals of occupational care and important bodies of the society

Principles for integrating occupational health care in primary health care

  • The health of workers is a portion of commonly accepted health and life
  • The occupational care authorities should promote strategies to fulfill the health needs of the workers
  • In a campaign for universal occupational care first the needs of the individual workers should be fulfilled who are the greatest risks
  • While making decisions all the employee communities or the individuals having interest should be involved
  • Training involving occupational care should be part of health care professional training
  • Workers should be given empowerment and encouraged to make decisions regarding their safety and health conditions


Usually occupational care is established as self operated service resulting in loss of progress and collaboration and poor application


By making occupational care as a part of the management puts occupational health care in excellent position and early detection of health related problems, preventing long term sick leave, reduced efficiency and work incapabilities. Moreover, patients trust more of their employers in funding for occupational care

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